All horses are accurately represented to the best of our knowledge. Pre-purchase exams may be requested at the expense of the buyer.  We recommend Pea Ridge Vet Clinic and Dr. Gary France.  We ask that you call and discuss the depth of the exam you are requesting and arrange payment.  However, there are other qualified veterinarians in the area.

1D/2D Gelding
Here is an OWN SON of Streakin La Jolla!  You won't find many of these around. 
Texas Bred (Turtle) is easy to ride - walk in AND out - suitable for any age from youth to senior - no buck - no rear - not a barrel hitter - no feet issues - trail ride - check cattle - swing a rope - loud noises - perfect in the pasture with others - gentleman tied up anywhere - just not enough good things to say about this guy - he is a sweetheart!  He has a long stride - covers ground!  Runs poles.  Does wear a crib collar.  Is branded and in shape for you to get on and haul!  Turtle ran top of 2D at a local jackpot against WPRA horses...and he had time in the pattern to make up.  With the right rider and a little time to develop a bond, he WILL be winning some races.  Last injections:  
October 2015
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GF Silly Willy

Willy is a gentle gelding and has the sweetest disposition!
Corona Cartel / Special Show.  
SI 79 and loping circles.  Sound and sane!  No buck and is very willing to learn.  Priced as he is now $2500
Click here for PEDIGREE!
Here is a nice All-Around mare that will be competive in junior high or high schools rodeo.  Breakaway, Cutting, Barrels, Poles, Heeling, and anything else you want to do.  She is light and quick on her feet.  Spins around the barrels.  
AQHA Redbud Reserve Circuit Champ
Many 1D rodeo runs and 20/21 second poles

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